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Product name  FRP plastic roofing sheet
Material  Fiberglass reinforced resin
Thickness  0.50mm-2.5mm
Width 610/665/800/825/840/900/1025/1050mm etc
Length  1000-11800mm
The size can be customized. 
Package  10-50pieces packaged by waterproof cloth.


(1) Light transmittance: The light transmittance of Baimiao FRP lighting board is 60-85%.

(2) impact resistance: 250 to 300 times of ordinary glass, 30 times of acrylic plate, 2 to 20 times of toughened glass, known as "unbroken glass" and "sound steel". 

(3) UV protection: one side is coated with one side to protect it from ultraviolet rays and anti-condensation treatment on one side.

(4) Light weight: the specific gravity is only half of the glass.

(5) Energy-saving: when it is used for buildings with heating equipment, it ensures the room warm in winter and cool in summer, and the heat insulation effect is 7%-25% .

(6) Temperature adaptability: it will not soften at 135℃, and there is no significant change.

(7) Weather resistance: It is stable from -40℃ to 120℃ for 4,000 hours, the yellowing degree is 2, and the light transmittance decreased by only 0.6%.

(8) Anti-condensation: Outdoor 0℃, indoor 23℃, humidity below 80%, no condensation on the inner surface.

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